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DGE&T-19(4)/2011-CD-Pt New Delhi, Dated - 14th March, 2013. Implementation of semester system in CTS courses in place of existing long term courses.
DGET - 19/19/2010 - CD New Delhi, Dated: 04th October, 2013. Withdrawing the condition to pass IT Literacy course for issuing National Trade Certificate (NTC) to trainees of ITIs.
DGE&T - 19/4/2011 - CD-Pt New Delhi, Dated: 07th October, 2013. Forwarding of proposed examination pattern for all the trades under Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS).
STARI/RES/110/Revsn/CTS-ATS/Vol-XXI/20 Date 20/o9/2013 Revised syllabus for Employability Skill
DGET-19 / 12 / 2014 - CD New Selhi, Dated 27th May 2014. Modified Trade Test Pattern of Semester System