Medical Facilities at a Glance

        Craftsmen Training requires a great drill of rigorous and tough physical activities as it is not typical school or college type of pertaining education.

        It is all about making skillful Man-Power or Workforce. In order to achieve this goal, high level of concentration and utmost attention is needed specially dealing with the tools & machineries.

        Sometimes accidents & injuries may occur due to slightest of lack of concentration or deviation of mind when working in machines.

        For this very reason, a team of medics & paramedics should always be reading to deal with such emergencies and thus same precious life.

       With this view, a medical team comprises of one Doctor, one Phermacist and one Dressure along with the basic medical facilities was introduced in I.T.I. Nagaon and it is a part & parcel of I.T.I. Nagaon since it's inception.

       Presently, one Phermacist and one Dressure has been working as medical team of I.T.I. Nagaon to serve the Trainees. Though with one Phermacist & one Dressure is not sufficient enough for dealing such serious injuries or untoward emergency situation, but they are able to prevent such incidents by regular counselling of trainees to understand the need of Safety Precautions to be taken while working in machines.

       Thus it is important to have Medical or Paramedical staffs in a Craftsmen Training Institute to cater to the needs of safe and injury free training.

       I.T.I. Nagaon is sincere enough for compiling medical team to offer safe and sound training to the Trainees.

Sl No.
Name of Medical Staff Designation
Sri Gautam Dutta Phermacist
Smt Kalyani Gogoi Dressure